Paul and Ike the Pike

Dave Skyberg, Baxter, MN

This is a great spot to fish. And it was right here that I once caught the most cantankerous fish in the North Country— Ike the Pike.

No hook could ever catch that fish. But I used a bathtub with a ship's anchor chained to it. Hung it under a big bobber and just kinda popped it along. For a fishin’ pole, I used a 100-foot balsam tree. They’re the bendiest. I had a reel made outa big wagon wheels, and for line, I used drag cable. It was a good outfit.

– Paul L. Bunyan

Finish reading the harrowing details of Paul and Ike-the-Pike's legendary struggle of fish versus folk the Interpretive panel kiosk located at Moonlite Bay in Crosslake.