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Landscaping and grounds development plans on display at Corps of Engineers, Crosslake

USACE Supervisory Park Ranger Corrine Hodapp pictured here with display detailing landscaping and beautification project for the entrance grounds. View the plans during open hours at the Admin building at the Crosslake Corps Park & Campground.The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association (PBSBA) are working together to develop a plan they hope to implement over the next several years that will transform the currently undeveloped grounds surrounding the Administrative Building into a showcase supporting the theme, ‘Changing Uses of Our Resources’.

Plans for the grounds include lighted paths and walkways that meander through traditional and novelty gardens highlighting locally-grown foods, native plants, and plantings to attract birds and butterflies. Some features of the butterfly garden sure to appeal to kids take a page from the Paul Bunyan style of larger-than-life critters, such as the 8’x 3’ crawl-on-it caterpillar, the 4’ x 3’ hanging cocoon and the 6’ x 6’ butterfly.

Another component is the Life-jacket sculpture hub, a nod to the USACE’s water safety mission. A cut-out of Bobber, the water safety dog, will offer a fun photo opportunity for kids.

These, and many other planned features, are all designed to increase awareness of the historic uses of our resources and how those uses have changed over the years to the current recreational use seen today by presenting fun learning opportunities, highlighting an array of area recreational activities and bringing home the message of enjoying it all safely through this unique group of gardens, walkways, interactive displays.

It’s well known that today’s visitors and area residents attend and support events and activities that offer these kinds of fun learning opportunities, highlighting the local history and culture. Both the PBSBA and the USACE have done recent studies that corroborate this, adding to the anticipation of significantly positive impacts of this project on many levels, including many partnering opportunities for local craftsmen, businesses and organizations.

Funding is currently being sought for this project.  If you would like to contribute, contact either organization. 
PBSBA: info@PaulBunyanScenicByway.org
USACE: cross.lake@usace.army.mil

Support what you enjoy! Donate today and help keep Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Assoc. a benefit to the community.Tall Tale: Please put a penney in the porridge pot

"...What the huckleberries!? No porridge? With yummy raisins and walnuts and maple syrup? Where’s Sourdough Sam? Git the rope!"

“Simmer down fellers!” Paul boomed out. “I made that call. It was a tough decision, but that’s the way it’s gotta be. There just isn’t enough money in the budget to fix the hole in the pot. We’ll just have to go without porridge till we can get those logs downriver and collect our cash. That is, unless we all chip in a little somethin’.”

Then Paul stooped over and turned the porridge pot around. Painted on the other side was Drippy’s second painted message— PLEASE PUT A PENNY IN THE PORRIDGE POT.

Oh, there was some cussin’ and grumblin’ to be sure, but pretty soon everybody agreed that Sam’s porridge was worth every penny they could spare, and they all dug deep into their pockets for whatever loose change they had jinglin’.

Some gave a penny, some gave more. Some of the fellas who really, really liked porridge gave a whole half a dollar! Even Buzzsaw Boo McGoo chunked in a copper or two. Paul was very pleased.

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