Ideal Township Recreational Park


Created with donations of money and labor, this park is a true ‘community effort’. Travelers can take a break at picnic tables under the roofed pavilion while the children enjoy the playground. Restrooms available. Enjoy reading the Byway Interpretive panel to learn how Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox logged these very roads. Look for Paul's Foot prints! A baseball field adjacent to the park is home to many softball and baseball games throughout the spring, summer and fall.

See the Fire Truck Museum near the playground. A "Volunteer Walkway" sign beckons you to stroll from parking lot into the park along the concrete sidewalk, past the pavilion and interpretive panels describing the many volunteer organizations and the projects accomplished in this community. At the Fire Museum you can read about the Ideal Volunteer Firefighters past and present. See their original truck and push the button to make the light flash and hear the siren blow.

Across from the park is the Ideal Township Hall and Fire Station. Take a tour of the Fire station during the Annual Beef Feed, which is held every year on the second Wednesday of August.

Latitude: 46.667311
Longitude: -94.198397