Gateway to the Spine of the Byway


Get acquainted with the Byway at this charming kiosk located at the NE corner of the Jct. of Hwy 371 and CSAH 16 (on the lawn just south of the A-Pine Restaurant parking lot).

With two interpretive stories the Scenic Byway Information Gazebo is located on the north side of CSAH 16 at the junction with HWY 371 (located on lawn boulevard at the south end of parking lot at the A-Pine Restaurant). Panels' excerpts: "Well hello there, Shorty. Nice of you to stop by. Hope you’re havin’ a good time up here in my old stompin’ grounds. ...”   "Just passin’ through? Well believe me, you’re not the first. Not even close. Ever since the glaciers receded, thousands of years ago, this very spot has welcomed travelers to come explore this land. ..."

Latitude: 46.631702
Longitude: -94.324818