Breezy Point City Park


The city park offers a playground, ball field and pavilion. The latest addition of equipment was done in 2001. Stop at the Byway interpretive panel and enjoy Paul Bunyan's tale of how Breezy Point got its name.

(North side of parking lot just off CSAH 11.) Panel excerpt: "We almost called it “Elmer Point!” Most folks think this place is called Breezy Point because of the wind coming off the lake. Well that’s not entirely true. Here’s the story. Way back when, I had one of my loggin’ camps right here. Babe and I had to go up to the Iron Range to get some ore for Ole the Blacksmith, so I told my seven giant axmen to go scout for some more big trees while I was gone. ...”

Latitude: 46.595663
Longitude: -94.218814