Thorvald's Turkey

Grimley Schickelvy,

Nobody in the logging camp really had much to say about it, being thoughtful fellas like they were, but most had spent a good bit of time rolling the whole darned thing around in their heads a few times, that’s for sure!

When Thorvald first joined the camp, he’d seemed like a regular Scandihoovian, but then came the day he started befriending that scampy renegade turkey. Yessir, Thorvald had that danged gobbler eating mealy bugs out of his hand, pecking lice out of his leg hair and even sitting up in the buckboard seat with him.

But, things really went over the top when winter rolled around. As the camp plow-hand, Thorvald had to get out early when it snowed, clearing logging roads and walking paths before the rest of the men rolled out of bed.

Glancing out the window early one morning, one of the young sawyers noticed Thorvald hooking up a kind of weird harness to that scampy turkey. It seems Thorvald had convinced that turkey to get in shape for the “Annual Thanksgiving Oven Race” to be held on November 24. Getting the turkey to run in the harness was the easy part. Convincing the logging crew not to change the Oven Run into a “Turkey Run to the Oven” wasn’t as simple.