Paul Bunyan Creates the Word, 'Star'

Lynn Scharenbroich of Pequot Lakes, MN

Paul Bunyan was the greatest logger ever known. Everyone knows that. But, Paul was also a student of physiology. One of the most fascinating phenomenon for Paul was the eyeball press and the always reliable and beautiful mental color show that followed. Without any movie theaters or TV, finding psychedelic color was next to impossible, so Paul had perfected the truly free-of-charge entertainment of eyeball pressing. He taught all his men the technique, and everybody looked forward to what might be called 'movie night' at least once a week.

Now Paul, always the preeminent orator, was continually searching for the best words to describe the color show he would see on movie night. It was during the Christmas season one year, when Paul and the men had taken a little extra time to study physiology, that Paul created the perfect word. It seemed to float out of his mouth as he was gazing at a yellow pointed shape undulating within his head.

From that time on, 'star' became a well-used and extremely versatile word in the English language. Even today, Paul's created word, 'star', can be heard in every day conversation across all parts of the country.