Pete Pedalschmidt, Pequot Lakes

It wasn’t that long ago that most fellers who took to their boats for a spell of uninterrupted fishing were seen using fish-attracting contraptions like Lazy Ikes and Daredevils. Sometimes they’d hook on a red and white striped metal mini-plank they called a Spoon. Oh, sure, everybody knew somebody who’d swear by minnows only; had to be stone-rollers or shiners or maybe chubs. And now and then you’d hear of some old guide who’d spit tacks if somebody suggested using crawlers, for land’s sakes!

But, not too many back then knew about Verlin Iverson’s grub worm farm. Located on the sunny shore of Sibley Lake in Pequot Lakes sit the finest fishermen whose ancestors fished with Paul Bunyan and caught walleyes to fill his appetite. But, unknown to the finest fishermen, the grub worms turned out to be leeches, and the fishing industry came up with a brand new bait! The all new compressed garlic stuffed worm castings, known as leeches, were flying off the shelves and landing fish large enough for a Paul Bunyan snack.  So, stop by your local baitshop and try out the “leeches”.