No Ox Can Fly Gets Some Ink

Part 2: the School Connection

The Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association’s holiday poem, No Ox Can Fly, was broadcast on KLKS 104.3 FM radio from Nov 29 to Dec 22. Regular listeners had a chance to chuckle and reminisce as they listened to the holiday escapades of Babe the Blue Ox, Santa, Paul Bunyan, and the loggers.

But one group of KLKS listeners was a rather new group. In fact, this group was so intent on really hearing the poem that they were given their own recording, so they could hear it over and over, if they wanted.

These intent listeners were the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade art students at Eagle View Elementary School in Breezy Point. The students were participating in a No Ox Can Fly illustration contest. Art teacher, Kelly Crosby, divided the poem into sections and the students into groups. Each group was responsible for illustrating their assigned poem section. They had just one class period to imagine the scene, draw it and color it. Each group’s illustrations were then compiled into booklets  and submitted to KLKS for judging on December 20, 2010. 

So, at 10:30 am on the morning of December 20, judges Ed and Judy Larsen, Diane Anderson and Bob Bundgaard, got busy reviewing the twelve submitted booklets. Judging was based on four things: best representation of the poem, creativity, quality of artwork, evidence of having fun with the project. The judging was observed by project coordinators, Lynn Scharenbroich and Marj Bundgaard.

By 11:10 am, the winning classroom had been selected. The selection process was tough work.  All the booklet submissions featured some stand-out pages, bright art and impressive renditions of loggers, Paul Bunyan, Santa and all the poem’s characters. But, in the end, the overall winner was Mrs. Zeidler’s 3rd/4th multi-age classroom. At 11:15 am, the announcement of the winning classroom was made live on KLKS by booklet judge, Ed Larsen, who underscored the quality of all the booklets and reiterated how hard it had been to choose a winner.

The prize for Mrs. Zeidler’s class is a visit to their classroom from the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association’s ‘Paul Bunyan’, played by Byway board member, Brian Peterson. He’ll read aloud their favorite logging story and may have a surprise or two as well.

In addition, their winning booklet will be scanned and displayed on the KLKS website and the class has been offered a tour of the radio station’s studio, with the possibility of doing a class-chorus recording there at the studio of the call letters, KLKS 104.3.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010
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The Lake Country Echo