Pelican Woods Cemetery and Nature Trail

Nearly 100 resources and points of interest have been identified along the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway route. Some of the spots are well known such as the Uppgaard Wildlife Management Area or the Crosslake Historic Log Village. Others are not as commonly recognized.Each of the quarterly issues of Inkslinger will highlight one of these lesser known Byway points of interest.

Pelican Woods Cemetery and Walking Path

Located just off CSAH #11 about 1 mile north of the Breezy Gates, this site was designed and created with funding from the Pelican Conservation Club.  Concern over the lack of a cemetery for Breezy residents sparked the Club’s decision to take on this project in 1999. Well landscaped and creatively designed, the walking path curves through a sun-dappled landscape that appears to frame the cemetery proper. Next time you drive the Byway, take some time to enjoy the Breezy Point Walking Path.

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Saturday, February 8, 2003
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Inkslinger Volume 3 Issue 3 - Winter 2003