For Sale: Paul Bunyan

Yikes! What does that mean?!

The Paul Bunyan character, created by Pequot Lakes resident, Wayne Chamberlain, is becoming very popular. It seems as though every time he turns around, there‘s another event or photo session or parade that needs ‘Paul’.

He’s been asked to appear in everything from the annual celebration of his marriage to Lucette during the Back to Hack Days to ads for local publications to being front and center on the cover of the 2006 Pequot Lakes lure book.

With his appearance schedule growing more demanding and diverse, and the costs associated with those appearances growing as well, the Paul Bunyan National Scenic Byway Association (PBNSBA) researched the value associated with other prominent characters/mascots in Minnesota. After evaluating the information, a value of $200/appearance was set. In-kind payment or regular payment are both welcome. And, if appropriate, the appearance will still be free.

If you would like Paul Bunyan to be part of your event, celebration, parade or organizational activity, contact the PBNSBA at
or call Wayne Chamberlain directly - 218-568-8878.

Last year the Paul Bunyan National Scenic Byway Association trademarked their rendition of the Paul Bunyan character.

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Monday, June 12, 2006
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Inkslinger Volume 6 Spring 2006