Projects in Progress

  • The Interpretive Center partnership planning with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in Crosslake is expected to result in a completed contract by spring, 2004, which would allow space for the PBSBA in the current Crosslake USACE office building.
  • The second series of Byway Playing Cards, ‘truth and lore’, is completed and is now available for sale at area retailers and both the Pequot/Breezy and Pine River Chamber buildings. Decks are $5.95/each + tax. Pine River/Backus senior art student, Tracy Peterson, provided the majority of the Byway photos used in this project.
  • Meetings are currently being held among interested parties to seek local match funds to complete the shoulder paving on CSAH #11 in 2004. The PBSBA has offered to facilitate the first meeting on 1/30/04.
  • Plans are being developed to include additional activities on Paul Bunyan Day during Pequot’s Summer Celebration. Some early ideas have included a cribbage tournament with a Paul Bunyan sized cribbage board for the play-off game, and a playlet that might include a partnership with Hackensack’s Lucette.
  • The second major planning document, the Interpretive Plan was completed recently. Final review was done by the Board at a special meeting in early January. Changes that came from the review sessions have been written into the final document. Implementation of the Interpretive Plan will become the next step in this important process. Funding will be sought during 2004/05 for that step.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
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Inkslinger, Volume 5 Issue 3- Spring 2005