Pearly Chance

Jed MacThreadbetter, Breezy Point

All manner of cantankerous sorts seemed to find their way into the big logging camps; drinkers, chewers, fighters, braggarts, gamblers and even a few flim-flammers, although their hornswogglin’ ways usually made for a short stay at any camp.

The clustering up of those “needful souls” as they were called by Sister Pearly Chance, was viewed by Pearly as a most bountiful opportunity. Sister Pearly, her father’s cousin, a few hefty farm wives and Nellie Nearly, the town clerk’s spinster daughter, knew they were called....yes, called, to shine the light of clean living for those lost in the swill of the dark side of life.

It was payday in the logging camp when Sister Pearly and her evangelizing soul savers arrived, singing campalluias, a kind of group “ohhmm” that Pearly was inspired to create for the occasion. Pearly hummed a final chord and was just ready to start her mission when…

A parade of loggers, wearing litt'l more'n a smile, came walking back to camp, by the light of a full moon, from the hot unpolluted splatter pond made by Paul Bunyan. They had heard Sister Pearly and her soul savers singing campalluias, so they decided to come back to camp to share their smiles, and to join in the “Ohhmm” (group stands, covering as though naked, collectively chanting “Ohhmm”.)