Dancin' Jacks

La Connor Flats, Pine River

Competitions among loggers and between logging camps helped keep spirits lively, no doubt about that. But, lively spirits took on a whole new feel when snappy dresser, Sandy McNab, dreamed up a new mid-winter competition he called Dancin’ Jacks.

Well-known for his fine Scottish checkered pants, Sandy warn’t shy about pontificating on how his pants could make his legs move like dancing miracles. They might be looked upon as near-magic pants, he was heard to say.

So much chest-puffin’ was done by Sandy that even men from all the nearby camps heard tell and took time to be at Paul Bunyan’s camp to see for themselves if Sandy’s magic legs could win the Dancin’ Jacks competition.

Competition had barely commenced when out from the shadows of the crowd, Jurgow Maslowski leaped onto the makeshift stage, unable to contain his Polish enthusiasm, hoisting the shocked Sandy in lifts and twirls and even gravity-defying leaps. Little did they know that the stage was beginning to wobble under all their weight. Suddenly they fell to the ground as the stage collapsed. But they didn’t let that dim their spirits.  They continued dancing and the crowd hollered that the competition was a tie because of the strong dancing spirit both contestants showed even after the stage collapsed!