Will the Real Paul Please Stand Up .....or Ride

Is the real Paul in Bemidji or Brainerd, or -gasp!, Canada?! Is the theme-park talking Paul moving?

Well, the story that really matters is that the only truly living Paul, our Byway Bunyan himself, will be right here in his own Scenic Byway area riding in all the summer parades. This year he’ll be bigger and more Bunyanesque than ever! Expert costumer, Dr. Corinne Johnson, of St. Ambrose University’s Theater Department, designed and constructed the big man’s new look. 

See ‘Paul on Parade’ in Pine River, Pequot, Nisswa and Crosslake. Cheer loudly!!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003
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Inkslinger, Volume 4 Issue 1 - Spring 2003