Update on Foraging Garden

Grandma & I took advantage of the nice day today (Sunday) to plant some more things in the foraging garden. We brought: 

  • more wild violets: they'll speed up the spread/colony development with what was already there. A few of the new ones we planted today even have their purple blossoms still from May.)

wild roses: the rose hips are edible -- and packed with vitamin C, they add height to the plot, & they'll have pretty pink flowers when they bud & pretty red rose hips afterwards.

wild raspberries: they'll only bear fruit every other year, so we'll see if that's this yr or next yr. They'll also add some height, be recognizable, & have some pretty red when they do bear fruit.

honeysuckle/columbine: adds some height & color with their red & yellow blossoms

purple clover: right away, a butterfly came over & landed on the new clover :) After I got home, I went for a walk down another dirt road and found some New Jersey Tea & blossoming wild strawberries that I can bring over next time. We were kind of shying away from putting in strawberries since they spread so much, but I think we have enough space. They're really recognizable for visitors, they'll add some color when they have white blossoms and red berries, & you can always just whack them back when they've spread as far as you want them.

I'm also on the lookout for more wood sorrel, and Grandma is thinking on other places we might find wild leeks & wild onion since her usual spot got taken over by some other plants this season. 
  • We'll bring some wild blueberries next time, too. 

Please keep an eye out and water plants if they're getting dry! The roses have some wacky root systems that go horizontal as well as down, so soaking their whole area is helpful. (We had a nice, heavy rain in Pine River late this afternoon, but I don't know if Crosslake got any after we did our transplanting & initial watering earlier in the afternoon.)

Thanks much!

- Nolita

Published Date: 
Sunday, June 5, 2016
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Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens