Prairie Phlox

The nectar of the flowers attracts primarily long-tongued bees, butterflies, and skippers. Other visitors include moths and bee flies. Among the bee visitors are bumblebees, Anthophorine bees, Miner bees, and Nomadine Cuckoo bees. Butterfly and skipper visitors include the American Painted Lady, Sulfurs, Swallowtails, and Cloudywings.

The caterpillars of the moth (Spotted Straw) eat the flowers, while the caterpillars of the moth Olive Arches eat the leaves. Other insects feeding on this phlox and others include (Phlox Scarlet Plant Bug) and (Four-Lined Plant Bug).

Mammalian herbivores readily consume Prairie Phlox, including rabbits, deer, groundhogs, and livestock. It may be difficult to establish this plant where there is an overpopulation of these animals.

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Monday, April 4, 2016
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