Pelican Lake Memorial Forest

Nearly 100 resources and points of interest have been identified along the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway route. Some of the spots are well known such as the Uppgaard Wildlife Management Area or the Crosslake Historic Log Village. Others are not as commonly recognized.

Each of the quarterly issues of Inkslinger will highlight one of these lesser known Byway points of interest.

Pelican Lake Memorial Forest

120 acres of forested land surrounding the area southwest of the CSAH #3/#11 intersection is a part of the Byway's wooded view shed that is designated as the Pelican Lake Memorial Forest. This Memorial Forest designation applies to more than 55,851 acres across Crow Wing county of MN and indicates tax forfeited land that has been dedicated and determined more suitable for natural resource production and management on a sustainable basis than any other purpose. The southwest portion of this Memorial Forest, a 7 acre tract, underwent red pine replanting in 2002.

There are a total of 64 acres of conifer plantings in this area. In addition to the red pine plantings, jack pine and white spruce are also used. These varieties, commonly used in this area for reforestation projects, generally enjoy a 95% of initial success, but the following five years are a critical time.

Visit the Pelican Lake Memorial Forest on your next Scenic Byway driving excursion.

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Friday, November 26, 2004
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Inkslinger, Volume 5 Issue 1 - Spring/Summer 2004