Paul's Babe to be on Byway Deck of cards

Decks of Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway playing cards have been a popular novelty item since the first deck became available in time for Christmas, 2001. Because each card carries not only a Byway related picture, but also a short clever text, the decks were snapped up by people excited to find an item that was solidly unique as well as locally connected.

Deck number one featured pen and ink sketches of places of historic and cultural significance. The art was done by then Pequot Lakes high school senior David Schwen.

Deck number two went four color with photographs of people and places along the route. Tracy Peterson, 2003 Pine River graduate, snapped the pictures.

And, now deck number three is on the drawing board, with decks expected to again be available for Christmas shopping. Pequot Lakes art student Brady Palmer will craft the images of Paul, Babe and the characters of Paul’s logging camp as they visit places and events along the Byway route. A sneak peek at some of the possibilities include Johnny Inkslinger timing the antique snowmobile races, Sourdough Sam and Hot Biscuit Slim serving beans at Bean Hole Days, sport the Reversible Dog doing the dog-paddle at the Crosslake Recreation Area swimming beach.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Well, I have a great idea for an event that Paul Bunyan should attend.” Or you could be speculating as to the image that Brady might create of Lucette, Paul’s sweetheart, climbing the Historic Fire Tower to scan the forest for the object of her affection. Send your ideas to the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association at PO Box 401, Pequot Lakes, MN 56472 or email to If your idea is used on one of the cards, you’ll receive a free deck.

The playing cards projects are sponsored by Grand Casino Mille Lacs. Production is done locally by JM Plein Consulting of Ideal Corners. Prepaid pre-orders are accepted. Call Lynn at 218-543-4714 for more information on pre-ordering.

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Monday, November 21, 2005
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