Logger's Outhouse Talking Box has landed

Talking Box construction crew recently finished and delivered the Logger's Outhouse to the Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens. The Outhouse talking box feature is the first of two new interpretive structures to be installed at the Gardens. The second will be a scaled-down replica of a dam gate from the original wooden dam at the Corps of Engineers site there on Cross Lake. Each talking box will feature audio clips for listeners to select from, each one a story to educate and entertain.

A big Thanks goes out to all the crew! John Hayes of Neumann Roofing supplied roofing lumber, cedar shakes, and plexi glass. Ken Stoltman supplied tar paper and other materials. Other lumber supplied by local sawmill.

In photo, left to right: John Hayes, Brady Palmer, Ken Stoltman, Dave Guenther.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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