If you'd Ask Me-Part 2

In the fall issue of Inkslinger, we asked you what your suggestions were for future byway projects. Because every project has costs associated with it, we also asked for funding suggestions, if you had some, to go along with your project ideas.

Below are the two ideas that were received.

1. Create life-sized wooden character cut-outs based on the third deck of Byway playing cards featuring Paul Bunyan and his logging camp characters. The cut-outs would have a hole for the faces of those who would like their pictures taken as ‘Paul Bunyan’, ‘Lucette’, ‘Babe’ or any of the other ten characters on the playing cards. It would become a photo opportunity for tourists.

This suggestion did not include a funding source.

A specific location for the character cut-outs was not indicated, so the cutouts are being considered as portable items that could become part of town celebrations all along the byway.

The Byway Association has worked over the years with both the Pequot Lakes and Pine River high school art departments. In fact, a Pequot Lakes high school art student created the Paul Bunyan logging camp character renditions on the third deck of playing cards. Perhaps the art department would enjoy taking on this project. There may be sources of funding from arts groups in the area or from a patron who likes this form of art.

2. Develop two signs to be installed at two separate locations at Veterans Walking Trail along the PBSB’s County Road 16.
- One sign would be located on the island at the east end of the Wetlands Walk which was installed in 2006. That sign would tell about the role that Hay Creek played as part of an area wide transportation route over the past hundreds of years for native Americans, explorers like Zebulon Pike and area residents.
- The other sign would be located at the trailhead and would consist of three small panels within one sign frame. One panel would tell the story of the significant support given by the Dave and Mary Badger family to make this site a reality. Another panel would show a map of the site within the greater area and a map of the trails themselves. The third panel would tell the story of the support, both funds and work crews, this site has received from the Sons of the American Legion, Pequot Lakes Post.

Potential funding suggestions for this project were the DNR who is the current owner of the property and/or the Pequot Lakes American Legion.

The Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association appreciates these great suggestions. Anyone interested in learning more about either of these suggested projects and how to help fund them should contact the PBSBA at 218-543-4714 or email.

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Monday, January 15, 2007
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Inkslinger Winter 2006/2007