Foraging Garden news

I checked with Grandma and she said she really doesn't know the medicinal qualities of plants like she knows about their edibility. She said rose hips are super high in Vitamin C, but she doesn't know if they aid specifically with rheumatism.
Yesterday I planted some New Jersey Tea short shrubs with white flowers & some wild strawberries. I also moved some wood sorrel (looks kind of like miniature clover with the little yellow flowers), clover & imitation tobacco from the area right next to the garden into the garden.
I saw that the wild roses are looking awfully sad, & the honeysuckle seems kind of unimpressed with having been transplanted. We'll see what happens with them, and if I need to try again. I was kind of rough on the root systems of the roses and the honeysuckle didn't hold a lot of it's own soil with it, so it had more of a shock with the transplant. We'll see... I'm suspicious that we may need to dump more sandy soil in with the plantings, too, so they are in soil more like where they've been growing. I'll bring more sandiness with me when I bring over more plants and we'll see if that helps.
Have a great week!
- Nolita Christensen

Published Date: 
Monday, June 13, 2016
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Linda Ulland Memorial Gardens