Byway Roads Feel Like Home

“The Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway is comprised of county roads that feel like home because they are your home. They carry within their boundaries and roadsides the memories of your generation and many generations before you, even as they make new memories with each passing day.

Feel the stories rising up from that certain corner, that mailbox bearing the name of an old flame, the grove of trees where you saw triplet fawns one spring long ago.  Look again at the place where you slipped off the road the first year you had your driver’s license. Remember that car. Consider what’s new since you started driving…since last year…since yesterday. What will the new stories be?”

It’s been six years since those words were penned for an article that appeared in this newspaper. ‘What will the new stories be?’ What does the future hold? We all want to know.

Looking back six years, a list of so many Byway projects pops up; wetlands walk at Veterans Walking Trail, tear-off tour maps, novelty playing cards, 14 interpretive panels, Gateway Gazebo construction, historic mailcarrier performances, Paul Bunyan Exhibit Room, podcasts featuring area residents’ stories, award-winning webisode, Byway jingle, Paul Bunyan footprints, Paul and Babe’s GeoHunt, and so many more. You probably recognize many of these.

Your life stories are entwined with these projects.  Maybe you walk your dog at Veterans Trail. Perhaps your photo of the grandkids standing on the Paul Bunyan footprints has become your 2009 Christmas card. The local scout troop’s interest in geocaching may have been sparked by the GeoHunt. These are the building blocks of new memories for you, your family, your neighborhood and your community.

The excitement of the new, the comforting reflections of the past…it’s all about the places and stories along this corridor that are indeed your treasure. The Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway is there for you every day. Wake up to the possibilities of your byway.

To learn more about the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway and how you can support its work, visit or call Lynn at 218-543-4714.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009
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the Brainerd Dispatch