Boulder Field

Nearly 100 resources and points of interest have been identified along the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway route. Some of the spots are well known such as the Uppgaard Wildlife Management Area or the Crosslake Historic Log Village. Others are not as commonly recognized.

Each of the quarterly issues of Inkslinger will highlight one of these lesser known Byway points of interest.

Boulder Field

Located about 4 miles east of the Hwy. 371 stoplights in Pine River on the south side of Crow Wing County #1, the Boulder Field, owned by John Phillips, is an example of the ‘left-overs’ from the glacial age. Receding glaciers left behind rocks and boulders, sometimes depositing generous amounts of them within a relatively small area.

Legend says that these boulders are Paul Bunyan’s marbles, won from many successful games of ‘Conqueror’, a popular marble game that Paul loved to play. Watch for a photo and write up of the Boulder Field in the next deck of Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway playing cards which should be available this December.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003
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Inkslinger, Volume 4 Issue 2 - Summer 2003