Big Island Wood project completed for 2014

The Big Island Joint Powers Board wants to say a huge “THANKS” to all who helped us complete this years wood/cutting/splitting and delivery to the Islands!!!
The help/work/equipment from the following individuals/ groups was very much appreciated:

  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Campers
  • Crow Wing County STS
  • Ideal Sno Pros
  • Big Island members/monitors
  • Ideal Township maintenance
  • Bertha Marine
  • Gens Bach Plowing

We really appreciate everyones willingness to help support the efforts to cut/split/deliver 25+ cords of wood to the Islands! It takes a lot of work, but it is important to prevent diseased wood from coming to the Islands. There were some challenges again this year to overcome, but with your help we did it!

Please let me know if you have some ideas on how to improve this process, and please forward note to those I missed.
Thanks, Jim Brandt

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Saturday, February 8, 2014
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Johnny Inkslinger