Listen to the legends and lore of the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway

Through the generous support of KLKS 104.3 FM Radio, Breezy Point, PBSBA was able to professionally record local people telling stories of everything from the development of walking and biking trails to working in a resort kitchen in the 1930's to famous explorers who mapped the Whitefish Chain and even a true story about cows drunk on moonshine.

Introducing the thirty-seven minute podcast and woven throughout is the burly voice of Paul Bunyan, performed in bold Bunyan-style by local voice artist, Dave Skyberg.

Hear all seven episodes, or listen to each episode individually.

Tales of old Breezy Point and CSAH »
(Betty Ryan, Steve Rudek, and Bob Bundgaard)
(4:23 run time)
Recreation & resorts, then and now »
(Addie Johnson and Irene Myres)
(6:02 run time)
Growth of Pine River and nearby towns »
(John Wetrosky)
(4:01 run time)
Drunk cows and early days of CSAH 16 »
(Bill Habein)
(3:32 run time)
Highlights of Byway sites you can explore today »
(Lynn Scharenbroich)
(7:49 run time)
The Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association is very grateful to the following people who recorded these wonderful stories about our area: Bill Habein, Jon Henke, Addie Johnson, Irene Myres, Ray Nelson, Steve Rudek, Betty Ryan, Bob Bundgaard, Lynn Scharenbroich, John Wetrosky.
KLKS 104.3 FM Radio